What do you call a recent college graduate who can go from conducting policy research on early childhood education to facilitating a presentation on employment trends for community representatives, to guiding focus groups with community college students in one day?

The Autry Fellow!eablog

The Autry Fellowship is a year-long, paid fellowship that provides recent college graduates with the opportunity to expand their learning in an organization that is going on 50 years of advancing equity and opportunity in the South.


Autrys are anything but typical…

There is no set curriculum or track for Autry Fellows. The fellowship is intended to be a unique learning experience for each Fellow that incorporates their skills and interests in what they choose to pursue. Anna Shelton-Ormond, 2015 Autry, was born and raised in North Carolina. Her interest in gender equity, Southern culture, and reproduction of wealth inequality culminated in her honors thesis “Bloodlines, Ball Gowns, Trashed in the Hotel Room: Hegemonic Processes of Debutantes as Southern Social Royalty.” This lens on gender equality significantly shaped her work at MDC. During her Autry year Anna devoted much of her time to a report  that studied, addressed, and proposed solutions for the low mobility rate of too many North Carolinians, “North Carolina’s Economic Imperative: Building an Infrastructure of Opportunity.” Anna is continuing her work at MDC as a Program Associate and is part of the team conducting follow-up work with the N.C. communities featured in the report she contributed to during her Autry year.

I, on the other hand, came into my Autry year with two years of teaching experience with Teach for America. My own background as a Latinx and working with immigrant children and families had led me to focus on the advancement of education with a lens for Hispanic populations. As such, I have focused much of my time on Great Expectations, an early childhood initiative that seeks to have all children in Forsyth County, N.C., ages birth to six—particularly those who are living in financially disadvantaged families—meet age-appropriate developmental milestones in their first five years, enter kindergarten ready for the grand adventure of schooling, and leave kindergarten fully ready for learning and life success.  I have been able to use my background in parent engagement and Hispanic culture to inform our policy research in the hopes of establishing a parent leadership team.

… But here is a typical day

My daily activities and responsibilities vary based on the projects I am working on. On a typical day I will start in the morning by monitoring our social media accounts and posting updates. Next I will check my email and plan my day around any meetings I may have. For example, the day I wrote this post, I met with an interested applicant at 1 p.m. and with the lead on Great Expectations at 3 p.m. to complete work on a training webinar we are hosting. In between, I informally met with many of my wonderful colleagues to discuss current projects they are working on and my role in them. Once I wrapped up this blog post, I moved on to processing all of your wonderful Autry applications we’d already received. After lunch I drafted some interview questions for all past 16 fellows for a project I am working on in celebration of MDC’s 50th anniversary. I also continued my research on the growing Hispanic population in North Carolina to blog about in the coming weeks. As a fun, personal side project I planned a holiday party for the office that included a photo booth and costume contest. All of these activities lead toward goals I set for myself in the beginning of the year: to develop my research and writing skills, represent the importance of the Hispanic population in the South, and have a fun/authentic Autry experience.

So what will you accomplish your Autry year? As you can see from their profiles, Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds and go on to pursue diverse paths in their journeys to pursue to equity and opportunity. Applications for MDC’s 2017-2018 Autry Fellowship application are now being accepted until Jan. 9. (That’s today!) Top candidates will be invited to interview in mid-February.