State of the Biscuit

We’ve been blogging about some serious stuff lately (the racial wealth gap, economic segregation, Southern job quality, etc.). We’re about to get serious again; this time we’re getting serious about biscuits.

Today, we examine a question that we’ve all struggled with: what do you do when you can’t decide which biscuit place to take your out-of-town friend to? The answer: try them all!

Stop #1: Homemade

We kicked off our biscuit tour at 7 a.m. near downtown Durham with coffee and homemade biscuits, which were accompanied by jam and hyper-local honey (from the apiary in the yard!). With their tasty layers and salty, browned tops, we had a tough time convincing ourselves not to eat the whole batch.

house       homemade

Stop #2: Rise Biscuits and Doughnuts (more…)